“Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.”  – Anthony Brandt

miami  056 miami  009 (1)miami  005 (1)The month in Miami was a bit of a whirlwind.    There were birthday parties for December babies, holiday parties, an engagement party and a family BBQ that we hosted for 30+ family members at our campsite.  Along with the group events, we spent some quality time with individual members of the family and with friends.miami  020miami  086miami  019miami  030miami  034miami  085miami  011 (1)

miami  012 (1)miami  059miami  058miami  057miami  061 miami  063 miami  064 miami  065 miami  060miami  066miami  067miami  002 (1)We also enjoyed the “community” at the Larry and Penny Thompson campground.  There were lots of RVers here who return year after year, and many have formed longtime friendships.  Every day there were groups of people walking and cycling around the park, playing games in the community room and getting together at their campsites.  It was a really friendly atmosphere.  When we mentioned our upcoming BBQ to them, both of our immediate neighbors contributed their picnic tables, chairs, coolers, games etc.  Once again, RVers prove to be generous and helpful.

miami  072miami  079miami  070miami  078The BBQ was a great success.  The family took over the green space behind our RV.  There were games, and, as in any gathering of Latinos, lots of food and drink.  It was great to have a casual, outdoor day after all of the dressy holiday parties.  And it was another great opportunity  to enjoy all of the younger generation and the interesting adults that they are becoming.    A fun and intense month.miami  082miami  069miami  080miami  073miami  071~ Brenda

Happy New Year!

2012 is in the books … and an eventful year it was.

After all the planning and preparations we finally quit our jobs (HOORAY!) and started our Island Girl Walkabout adventure.Island Girl group

Leaving Colorado 2We said our goodbyes to friends, coworkers and family in Denver.  Denver was very good to us over the last 11 years.  And leaving this place and our friends has been the hardest thing.

We moved into Island Girl on September 1st and have made our way from Denver to Miami. Along the way we have had many a fun time in amazing places and caught up with amazing friends.

RV living has turned out to be quite pleasant and Island Girl is a comfortable and spacious home.  A few relatively minor mechanical glitches but nothing serious, all systems are go!

Our 2012 travel map

Our 2012 travel map

Hear are a few random facts about our 2012 travels …

Miles travelled in Island Girl – 2784

Camp Lopez campsites – 17

Days of full time RV living – 122

Longest RV driving day – 544 miles (ouch!)

Shortest RV driving day – 5 miles

Average distance between camps – 164 miles

Island Girl Average MPG – 7.2

Average length of stay – 7.2 days

three of us Sedalia  017We kicked off with a week of sharing RV info with our fellow Escapee club members at the Sedalia Escapade.  We’ve taken to heart the advice we received about slowing down and not rushing from place to place.

amigoni  001

nelson atkins shuttlecock  009Had a long and wonderful visit to our friend Theresa in beautiful Kansas City, Mo.

horace mann elemtary  023Stopped by Springfield, Mo to see my childhood homes and elementary schools.

Mt View Ark  004Eureka Springs sign  012Spent a delightful autumn in quirky northern Arkansas.

Eureka Springs sign  027Pea Ridge NMP  002vicksburg  016Visited several Civil War sites that seem to be everywhere.  A sobering reminder of a turbulent and terrible period.

Henderson Beach   089SGI  155And took our time on the beautiful west coast of Florida visiting dear friends all along the way.

Chrotts  024It usually takes 4 – 5 days or so to drive from Denver to Miami.  It is sooo much more fun if you do it in about 3 months instead!

Ft Myers  131miami  033We are so enjoying spending unhurried and relaxed time with family and friends in Miami.  And have started laying out some rough idea of our 2013 route.miami  030

miami  027SGI  002We plan on spending the rest of winter in South Florida and in spring heading up the eastern US up as far north as the Maritimes of Eastern Canada before spending autumn in New England and ultimately heading out west for next winter.

2012 was a fantastic start.  And we are so excited about all the people, places and experiences that lie ahead. Stay tuned!

Brenda, Angel, and I wish you and yours good health and much happiness in 2013.


~ Hector

SGI  052