The Walkabout

walk·about noun \ˈwȯ-kə-ˌbau̇t\

Definition of WALKABOUT

: a short period of wandering bush life engaged in by an Australian aborigine as an occasional interruption of regular work —often used in the phrase go walkabout <the man who went walkabout was making a ritual journey>                        Merriam-Webster

After many years of planning, we rented our home, got rid of a lot of our “stuff”, put the rest in storage and moved into our 39′ Class A diesel motorhome, Island Girl.  The two of us are taking three years off to travel the U.S. and Canada with our canine companion,  Angel. We hope to find the perfect community in which to establish our next home along the way.

We’ll spend this first winter in Florida and head up the eastern seaboard this coming spring.  We hope to see the cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C., spend summer in the far north, hopefully making it to Nova Scotia, and head to New England for the fall.  After that we’ll head back out West and spend the following winter in Southern California, then head north for the summer and hopefully make it to Alaska.  We have no plans beyond that, nor for the last year of our journey, and of course, any or all of this can change, that’s the beauty of this walkabout.


12 thoughts on “The Walkabout

  1. Godspeed, Dear Friends! Can’t wait to live a life of travel vicariously. Hector, photo on; Brenda, scribe on! Stay safe; drink it all in!!! ~ Familia Solis

  2. So long for now new friends! So glad we got to meet you, we will be following your travels while anxiously awaiting our turn to begin ours! We left coupons on your picnic table in case you can use them! Mac bids farewell to Angel and we hope to meet up again one day.
    Safe travels, Chuck and Tracey Deutsch

  3. Brendita: Your site is so informative, easy-going, thorough and thoughtful. I feel like I know you people. Hectors photos are outstanding. Where can I buy the shell picture from Sanibel and some of the bird photos? Love – Your cousin – Mimi

    • I second that! Hector and Brenda… It was very nice to have met you. You show truly your strong ties with family and thank you for sharing. May you have a smooth road to travel and blessings always. Yours, Tim Gilliland

  4. She is that! She’s a Puerto Rican Princess! Not unlike yourself!! 🙂 And you take care of your man as well! peace and love,

  5. We are very excited for your journey and looking forward to seeing you in Southern CA. Many blessings and magical moments for both of you. Will be jumping in to relish your words and images of this journey! Abrazos, Gloria and Michael

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